Two Million Hours Worked Safely

The TJ Wies Contracting team has worked over two million man-hours without experiencing a lost-time incident. The hours have been accruing since September of 2018, when we experienced a reset and set an initial ambitious goal of one million hours. TJ Wies hit our target of one million hours early in 2020 and proceeded to attain one and a half million in October of 2020, progressing to two million in October 2021. TJ Wies prides itself on our robust Safety Program and are thankful to our team for embracing and exemplifying the TJ Wies Core Value of Safety everyday on the jobsite. Work safe, work hard, have fun!

“TJ Wies’ safety culture is rock solid. We are regularly reminded that safety is the most important aspect of our job, and that fact is backed up by the actions of management. We all know that our voices are heard when it comes to matters of safety and that our concerns are seriously considered.” - TJW Team Member

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